The Pallet Guy's Responsibilities

The Pallet Guy takes waste seriously and having learned that businesses were paying for their pallets to be collected and collectors taking these to landfill or worse, disposing of on a roadside, action was taken and was born.


The Pallet Guy offers this free pallet rescue service not only to save companies time, money and hassle but to encourage companies to dispose of their pallets knowing that they aren't going on to harm the environment.


We guarantee 100% of pallets collected are reused for their original purpose with ZERO pallets going to waste. Since our service began just over a year ago, we have rescued and re-circulated 1000's of pallets.  

As our business re-circulates 100% of wooden pallets for their original purpose it is not classed as waste and we are not required to carry a waste carriers license. This has been confirmed by a representative from the appropriate authority and we can forward this to you upon request.

We will of course fill out any paperwork required by the company we are collecting from to ensure and re-assure that we are abiding by each companies environmental rules and regulations that may be in place

If you have any enquiries regarding our service and pallet rescue service please contact us at 


Site Collections - Retail Collections - Manufacturer Collections - Port Collections - Multiple Location Collections

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Contact the pallet guy

16 Spur Close, Colehill, Wimborne, Dorset
BH21 2UG (Office Address)


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thepalletguy, Specialises in the supply of pallets for projects. He also collects all your unwanted pallets for free saving businesses money, time and valuable space....what a guy!

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