Why The Pallet Guy

The Pallet Guy works with some of the UK's largest multi-national companies taking care of their pallet disposal and significantly improving their carbon footprint as well as saving £1000's on skip hire!

From small independent companies to large national companies this is why they love ThePalletGuy.....
  • He saves you time, hassle and money on pallet disposal

  • He removes the need and cost for wood waste skips

  • You will be doing your bit to help protect the environment from wood waste 

  • 100% of pallets rescued are reused 

  • He works with each business individually to help achieve their environmental goals

  • He collects using his own team of professional pallet guy's and vehicles 

  • He collects efficiently within 2-4 working day's

  • He assigns a professional trained pallet guy to each business as a single point of contact

  • He takes health and safety very seriously and our pallet guys are fully equipped with safety gear

  • He collects all wood and plastic pallet types, styles, sizes and quantities 

  • He is very passionate about saving the environment from wood waste

  • He can provide the relevant environmental paperwork upon request

What a guy!