About Us

Welcome to Rustic Crate Co

From a love of all things reclaimed wood and with years of experience in creating beautiful reclaimed wood cladding for the home and commercial markets through our sister company PalletBoards.co.uk.....RusticCrateCo was formed

We specialise in truly stunning 100% Eco Sustainable Rustic Wood Crates for both home and commercial uses. We give a new lease of life to wood that would otherwise go on to be disposed of causing detrimental effects to the environment

Instead, we rescue this high quality wood and give it a new lease of life by turning it into a range of high quality, affordable and durable wood crates which are featured across our website. 

All of our crates are handcrafted on the outskirts of the New Forest National Park by our very skilled local craftsmen. 

We offer multiple Eco finishes from Natural to Charred or add a splash of colour with our ECO Paint range 

Whether it is a single crate to store those cosy blankets or 50 crates for a unique retail display we can cater for all Rustic Crate requirements 

Ian Hulbert
Rustic Crate Co